The Ensanche Renovation




r35, The renovation of a house in the Valencian Eixample at the BEGINNING OF THE 20th CENTURY.

R35, one of our most significant renovations, is located in the Valencian Eixample, one of the historic areas where the Levantine bourgeoisie once settled. That is the main reason behind the architectural interest of this renovation, as it gives a facelift to a dwelling dating back to 1930.

The antiquity of the house led to the desire for preserving and rehabilitating elements that – together with the modern ones introduced – would provide the dwelling with a duality of the past and present.

In this renovation, the main priority was to conserve the high ceilings that were so characteristic of the era, as well as the pre-existing plasterwork on the ceilings.

The house’s uses were turned around, placing the day area on the main façade, thus providing greater luminosity thanks to the large windows.


The kitchen became the heart of the housing, turning it into the central passageway that now separates the day area from the night area. In this way, a route was created around the large kitchen island.

On the other hand, the natural materials were combined carefully to avoid detracting from the importance of the dwelling’s pre-existing mouldings since the value of this renovation lies in preserving the elements typical of early 20th-century houses.