The Ruzafa Oasis




2.200 m²



When the future looks back: the reinterpretation of Ruzafa’s facades

Ruzafa, a unique neighbourhood with colourful façades and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, has a strong presence of small local businesses. This palpable duality between the traditional and the modern is embodied in the building on Gibraltar street. The most characteristic elements of Ruzafa’s buildings – ornamentation, colour, verticality, wrought iron balconies, and shutters – are reinterpreted, seeking the traditional aesthetics of the neighbourhood from a modern perspective.

The ornamentation is maintained, but in reverse; in negative Its execution is simplified and the flatness of the façade is accentuated, offering a contemporary approach, without forgetting the colour. The terracotta pigmentation of the concrete evokes the original colours of Ruzafa, the return to terracotta and tradition.

The balconies are maintained as a characteristic element, but their shape is simplified and planters with green plants are integrated to give movement to the façade. We have also recovered the shutters as an element of shade in vivid tones, again playing with colour.

Once inside, the communal courtyard recreates a small urban oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city, following the aesthetic line of the exterior. A warm atmosphere is created, surrounded by vegetation and water. A dynamic place capable of hosting different activities, where you can relax, enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool or simply let yourself go.

The interior of the homes invites calm, with neutral, warm colours and wood finishes. The view of the past is maintained with antique materials such as terrazzo, creating an atmosphere where the present coexists with the past.