Viraje Showroom

«A window to our essence. A reflection of our way of doing and understanding architecture.»

60 m2
Sonia Sabnani

«A window to our essence. A reflection of our way of doing and understanding architecture.»

Viraje Arquitectura has renovated what will be its studio/showroom in the centre of Valencia.

Refurbishing our showroom is a testament to Viraje’s unique design philosophy. We have transformed a once dark and gloomy space into an open, light-filled area while preserving its original elements. This reflects our approach to architecture, where we respect and enhance the existing structures.


During the renovation, we made a magnetic discovery.

By removing the false ceiling, we revealed steel beams and exposed wooden structures that created a captivating grid. As the sun moves throughout the day, it casts a mesmerizing play of light and shadow. We were so captivated by this effect that we decided to leave it exposed.

The ceiling and lateral brick wall are kept in their original designs.

Based on these two elements, the refurbishment uses neutral colours that do not detract from their prominence.


On entering the studio,

next to the large entrance window there are shelves in the form of a display case with a selection of different materials, from natural stone and wood to tiles with different finishes, continuous cladding, and samples of metals and aluminium.


The display case at the entrance is not just a showcase of materials, but a tool for collaboration.

We invite our clients to play with the compositions, creating a living moodboard of their project. This interactive approach is a key part of our design process.

The central part is marked by a concrete table with a curved front—the part seen from the street.

It is no coincidence that this piece is the first visual impact. Concrete is used to develop the structure and envelope of the Ubiko industrialised housing, the studio’s brand. The fact that it is curved shows that concrete does not necessarily have to be straight.

Ten chairs from the Basque furniture brand Stua add a touch of colour around it. Continuing this play of forms, an arch is again generated to divide public access from private work areas visually. On this occasion, a curved rail is used, from which a white mesh curtain hangs from floor to ceiling.


Between the two areas, a small hallway leads to the toilet, which is lacquered entirely in tile.

This chromatic choice is a nod to Viraje’s corporate colours. At the entrance to the washbasin, we discover the third curve, designed to make access more friendly. In it, the Valencian designer Adriana Cabello handmade both the washbasin piece, in the shape of a totem, and the lamps.

The primary luminaire is the work of Arkos Light, also a Valencian company, while several pieces by Santa & Cole decorate the entrance and the display shelf. Finally, the floor has been covered in a continuous cream-coloured micro-terrazzo paving, an old material that claims its leading role among current interior design trends.


[Ground floor plan]