Projects undertaken by Viraje.

Projects undertaken by Ubiko.

Projects undertaken by U-raw.

Projects undertaken by Whome.

The Team


2017 Architecture Platform. Distinguished Mention for UP23.

2018 IDA Awards. Distinguished Mention for The Door to the Sea.

2019 Archdaily. Building of the year nomination for The House on the Almond field.

2020 IDA Awards. Bronze Award for he House on the Almond field.

2022 Archdaily. Building of the year nomination for The Shelter.

2022 Archdaily. Best applied products nomination for The Shelter.

2023 World Architecture Community Awards. Best Interior Design Project Award for La Caseta del Notari.

2023 CSCAE Awards. Best residental building nomination for Can Bau.


2020-21 Degree in Building Engineering. The Polytechnic University of Valencia. Lecture on industrialised construction.

2020 Industrialised construction cycle. In collaboration with Evetson Group.

2021 Brand culture, talent management and communication. In collaboration with Creatique Studio.

2021 How to industrialise through BIM, LEAN and precast concrete system. EXCO 21′ organised by ETSIE and UPV.

2021 Industrialising towards a new paradigm. Cycle of conferences organised by the University of Valencia.

2021 Yes, We plan. Exhibition for gender equality organised by the ETSIE and the UPV.

2022 Changing building. Rebuild.

2022 Sustainable City Conferences. The Polytechnic University of Valencia.

2022 Meetings on precast concrete. In collaboration with Larea.

2022 The art of building evolution. AIRE, VI International Academic Real State Congress.

2022 Introduction to our new U-raw system. EXCO 22′ organised by ETSIE and UPV.

2022 Industrialised Construction. Present and future challenges. CAATIE Valencia.

2023 What role does industrialised architecture play today? Viraje x The NY Architecture Biennial.

2023 Design and industrialisation. CEVISAMA.

2023 New construction systems. Architecture round table organised by Porcelanosa.

2023 The architecture of the future. Charla TEDx.

2023 Degree in Technical Architecture. The Polytechnic University of Valencia. Lecture on industrialised construction.

2023 Building Beyond Sustainability. In collaboration with Casas Inhaus, NIU Houses and Arquima.

2023 Opportunities and Challenges of Building Industrialisation. AIRE, VII International Academic Real State Congress.

2023 Talk on Architecture and Sustainability. CaixaForum Madrid. In collaboration with Mesura, Beta.Ø and Nasuvinsa.

2023 Industrialisation. Present and Future. Feria Habitat.

2023 Connecting companies towards innovation. AJEV event. Guest speakers: Viraje and Porcelanosa.

2023 Industrialising towards quality architecture. Mallorca Home Meeting.

2023 Light, Matter & Space. In collaboration with Arkoslight and Porcelanosa.