One holding, four brands and a common purpose.

Viraje is committed to revolutionising architecture and building with innovative solutions. Our approach, whether through design or industrialised construction systems, is rooted in continuous research into materials, services, and processes. This commitment has led us to develop four distinct brands:


The essence we live in. By Viraje gathers unique projects of great architectural value, where design is the cornerstone. We approach each project with its own language, creating an open dialogue between the space and the person living there.


The way to your home. Ubiko is our brand of high-end industrialised housing whose structure and envelope are developed through a 2D concrete construction system. They are fully customised houses made ad hoc for the client, where no piece is identical.


Just as U imagined. U-raw is the new construction system we designed. It comprises standardised prefabricated elements, allowing us to achieve a more sustainable, affordable and quicker-to-build architecture.


The New Mediterranean. Our luxury property developer inspired by the Mediterranean.